Communication Skills



When traveling to Africa, you may find yourself in places where your language may not be spoken or understood. In this case, it is very important to have some other languages under your belt in order to be able to communicated effectively with others. This post is written to inform you of good common global languages to speak that may help you in these kinds of situations. Keep reading to find out more.



If you are reading this post, chances are that you already understand English. It’s important to be able to speak this language because it is one that will help you in many African countries. Do not be fooled, though. English is only helpful in a handful of countries in Africa. A large portion of countries in Africa have another European language as one of their official languages.


This language is probably the most popular European language in Africa. Many countries in Africa were occupied by the French at some point. As a result, French is the official language of many of these countries today. Make sure that you brush up on your francophone skills before you adventure in Africa.


This is a native tongue of many African countries. For example, it is the official language of Kenya. It is also spoken in a lot of other countries, such as Tanzania and Zimbabwe. This would be a particularly important language to learn if you do not want to try to learn some sort of European language.

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