Hiking in Africa


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Come on, climb aboard! Your adventure in Africa awaits! One of the best things about this incredible continent is the wealth of nature and untouched land that exists. There are plenty of amazing sites to see all over the continent. This post is aimed at pointing out some great places for you to visit if you are planning on taking a trip there. Read on, hikers!



One great place to do some stellar hiking is in Cameroon. This French speaking country is located in West Africa, just southeast of Nigeria. There is a lot of flat land in this country (which obviously is not ideal for hiking), but if you do some traveling, you can find some good spots.

For example, if you go up to the Northwest Region around Bamenda, you can find some great places to do some hiking. You’ll be able to get some great views from the top. However, you should be aware of what season you are in when you go. If you go during the dry season, the views can be diminished because of a large haze that hangs over all of the countryside. This haze actually consists of very small particles of dust that come from the Sahara Desert, which is to the north of Cameroon. What happens is the dry season causes these sand and dust particles to become loose and kicked up into the air because a lack of humidity weighing them down.

Stay tuned for some other great hiking ideas for Africa!

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