African Food

ethiopian food


As with many other places, the one of the best parts about traveling to Africa is experiencing the culture through the cuisine. There are some amazing things that you can try on this great continent. You will experience a variety of flavors and textures that will open up your mind and pallet to a plethora of different ideas and concepts. In this post, we will be discussing some of the gastronomic experiences that you might have while in Africa. Keep reading to enlighten your taste buds!



One very popular African cuisine that has made its way over to the Western world is Ethiopian food. This ethnicity offers heavily spiced and lentil based sauces that will absolutely blow your mind. What is quite interesting about Ethiopian food is that it is traditionally not eaten with silverware. That’s right, you use your hands! This is the best part: in lieu of silverware, Ethiopian cuisine features a spongy kind ¬†of bread that you used to pick everything up. You just tear off a piece, grab what you want, and eat it! It’s delicious.


This kind of food differs greatly from the aforementioned Ethiopian food. Much of this food consists of starchy kinds of roots that grow in the ground. One of these roots is called cassava. It is ground up into a sort of paste and then served like mashed potatoes. By itself, it can be a little bit bland, but with other dishes, it provides a great accompanying texture that will make your meal delectable!

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