African Music

african music


Prepare to have your mind blown! If you are visiting Africa, one of the best experiences that you will have is hearing traditional African music. The rhythm, melody, and harmony will dance around in your heart for all of eternity. You may be wondering, “well, cool, but how does this apply to my life?” Well, you have come to the right place. Read on in this post to find out why!



Do you love jazz? Do you love blues? Do you love R&B? Do you love pop? Then get ready to have your mind rocked. All of this music started in Africa. Long ago in West Africa, drumming and singing was ingrained into the culture. There were many patterns and rich songs that the West African tribes would sing to and with each other.

When the Europeans came down and took some of those West Africans as slaves to the Americas, that music traveled with them. This music began do develop into its own sound. This eventually became the root of jazz and blues. The spiritual songs sung by African Americans also found a place in the church.

All of these sounds came together to give us most of the music that we love today. You can trace most popular music back to Africa.

It’s crazy to think that this culture gave birth to many of the sounds we know and love today. You’ll be able to experience this music firsthand if you decide to take a trip to Africa!

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